A comprehensive approach to restorative bodywork. Individual sessions and rehab plans that include posture and movement analysis, myotherapy, fascial release, corrective exercise and education.
Alignment is the result of the relationship between the different areas of our body. No body part is separated and isolated. In the assessment process we will check how our feet affect the pelvis, how our posture affects our breathing and so on. As a result our treatment will start at the root cause and not the symptom.
You can find us in Melbourne, Victoria, South Eastern Suburbs. The address will be given after the initial intake and scheduling
A standard session is 90 minutes long during which we discuss the issues, assess your alignment, decide on our goals and work both manually on the restricted areas as well as various stretches, corrective exercise, balance work, sensory work and discuss little adaptations to be made in your environment and lifestyle in order to ensure constant improvement.

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